Friday, 16 June 2017

Sri Sri Quotes on Belongingness - How Belongingness Helps to Change your Life

How Belongingness Helps to Change your Life

  • ABC of Life - Awareness, Belongingness & Commitment. Awareness nurtures intellect. Belongingness nurtures the heart. Commitment nurtures life. 
  • Lack of broad vision and lack of belongingness creates terrorism. Fanaticism in one religion is bound to have an effect on the other also. 
  • Freedom is when life becomes a play, cravings and aversions dissolve and belongingness flowers.
  • Live your life with naturalness, simplicity and belongingness.
  • Naturalness, ease & belongingness - this is the essence of the Art of Living.
  • The role of Art of Living is to bring belongingness in the world. #Corruption ends where belongingness begins. 

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